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Julz Test

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Specializes in Life Coaching

Help By Phone LLC

Help By Phone LLC

Offering services through our websites HelpByPhone.com (Since 2012) & BillPerCall.com (Since 2005). We are an IVR development company providing specialty phone software that allows advisors, life coaches and educators in all fields to bill their customers for phone calls. We offer 1 on 1 or conference calling features and many flexible billing options such as free minutes, flat rate billing, per minute billing or any combination. We provide an opportunity for professionals to sell their advice and information by phone to a broad international clientele.

User Friendly & Powerful Applications

After years in development, the new Bill Per Call Unlimited Version 2.0 is the most all-encompassing and easy-to-use pay by phone IVR management system on today`s market. It incorporates all the features any information provider needs to make sure their bill per call service is streamlined and successful, including an intuitive and feature rich online control panel that makes it easy for clients to schedule and purchase phone sessions in a completely secure environment.

Cost Effective IVR Solutions

Help By Phone LLC and our team of IVR developers and e-business strategists develop practical, cost-effective interactive communication services and software for businesses of any size. BillPerCall Unlimited, one of our innovative software solutions, has solved problems that many companies were facing through the years such as high chargeback rates and inflexible call management features.

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