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  • M.A. Metaphysical sciences
  • SPIRIT led and taught my whole life ever since I was a child at the age of 8. Positive and helpful spiritual readings worldwide and across all cultures for 39 years now.

Blessed Prophetess Victory

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Specializes in Spiritual Guidance


She was born with the gift of discernment of spirit’s, whether it was of deceased loved ones, spiritual guides, or angelic forces. Victory hails from a family lineage of seer’s, visionaries, mediums, and traditional herbal healers. At 18 months old,her family witnessed her clairvoyant abilities,by naming events before they happened,and names of deceased love one’s,that she never met.

It became not only apparent , but very natural for Victory to consult her spirit cards, as she calls them, because when she reviews your movie of concerns in her mind, the holy spirit moves through her,and gives her validation on names, dates, intentions, remedies, hair and skin color,and spiritual remedies.

Worldwide, my friends/clients have referred to me as a psychic, a medium, an intuitive, a healer, a teacher, a spiritualist, a clairvoyant, and a very good friend.

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