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  • L.L Magister: Dispute Resolution (L.L.M)
  • Doctorate (J.D)

Brian Stromi

Specializes in Relationship Counseling

Second Opinions - Venting - Confidant - Advice

Need to vent?

Need to get something off your chest but are not sure whether your friends will keep it confidential?

Perhaps you just need a second opinion on an issue that`s been on your mind for awhile?

Hi, my name is Brian, and I work at a company in California providing a more cost efficient way of connecting with people other than spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on therapy. In our company`s experience, most people just need someone able to truly listen to where they are coming from, not uncover unnecessary issues from childhood. Our company focuses on reshaping the present, not rehashing the past.

The call might be just a few minutes, but the important thing is knowing that you have someone willing to listen and hear you out. Maybe I can help, maybe you`ll feel better just talking through it. You`ll never know unless ya give it a shot.

Text my personal business line for a FREE consultation at (619) 485-2900 to see if I`m a good fit for you :)

TEXT ME to schedule a time to chat today before spots fill up.


L.L Magister: Dispute Resolution (L.L.M)

Doctorate (J.D)



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